Ephemeral: Sovereign
Witch's Hat

At a playground in Oswego NY, back in the early 80s, there was a carousel like no other which resembled a witch's hat, about 4 feet off the ground, pivoting at the top most point. The brim of the hat had rungs, so technically, you could use it like a monkey bar, but since this was pivoting at the top, any weight applied to one side would pull it down and toward the center.

This was by far the most dangerous playground equipment I'd ever gotten to play on. Not only did it pivot widely, it also spun, so it was in essence a carousel. As expected of children, we would push this thing to its limits. At one point, the pivot at the top began smoking from all the friction. We would see this as the evil Witch's Hat until one day it was removed, probably for fear that it might take lives.

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Witch's Hat
As of some time in 1993.

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